Immigration Fees up again from 6 April 2018!

Well, its about that time again……UK immigration fees are going up again from 6 April 2018.

The highlights are that a visa application for settlement goes up  from £1,464 to £1,523 which marks an increase of £59.

An  application for indefinite leave to remain in the UK goes up from  £2,297 to £2,389  which marks an increase of £92.

Leave to remain applications which includes applications for discretionary leave goes up from £993 to £1,033 which marks an increase of £40.

Naturalisation as a British citizen goes up from £1282 to £1,330 which marks an increase of £48.

Full  details of the proposed changes are contained in the link below


How to make a visa application to enter the UK as a Partner – Legal Peppersoup Episode 8


Its been another lengthy break….and after our ‘determination’ to bring more regular episodes as promised in Episode 7, a staggeringly embarrassing 7 months ago, we have quite rightly buried our heads in shame.

However, we hope and we use this word with hope, HOPE to be more consistent for here on in.

In this episode, we launch a new format and briefly talk about one of the most common questions we get asked in immigration law “How do I bring my partner to enter the UK as my spouse, husband, wife, partner”?

We have provided an overview of the process for anyone involved in the process or who needs some basic information.

As always, we have tried to keep it simple.

Settlement Agreements – Legal Peppersoup Episode 7

Settlement Agreements ( formerly known as Compromise Agreements) are a common feature during the termination of employment in the modern day workplace.

Mr Lawrence Jegede our resident qualified solicitor will discuss what it is, what you need to look out for and when it should/could be used.

And yes…embarrassed

It has been a while since our last episode  but we are determined to bring more regular episodes of the show.

Please bear with us and thanks for watching.

Legal Peppersoup – Episode 5

Yes, it’s a new look episode 5, as it has been recorded with visuals for the first time.

In Matters Arising, we discuss the Right to Rent and the Derivation of citizenship provisions of the Immigration Act 2014 and 2016.

In Case Corner, we discuss the case of Paposhvili v Belgium [2016] (Applcn No. 41738/10) and its importance in relation to Article 3 of the ECHR.

We hope you like it.